August 20, 2013

Nah, 700.000 lebih apps di android itu malware

Computer Worm Cartoon

The number of malicious and high-risk Android apps hit 718,000 in the second quarter from 509,000 in the first quarter of this year. In just six months, these apps surged by more than 350,000–a number that originally took them three years to reach.

Serasa kembali ke tahun 2000-an gini sih. Isi komputer itu Microsoft Windows dan malware. Nah sekarang isi smartphone itu... Android dan malware! Hahaha, kacau deh. Coba saja aku kasih judul yang bombastis dan fenomenal: 700000 lebih malware di android itu berupa apps. Pret.

Yang satu ini menyeramkan buat yang maenan online banking lewat applikasi di smartphone. Pastikan aja kalo menginstall applikasi lewat taut resmi yang diberikan dari situs bank kamu.

The FAKEBANK malware spotted this quarter, meanwhile, spoofs legitimate apps. It contains specific Android application package files (APKs), which it copies to a device's Secure Digital (SD) card. Using the APK files, the malware displays icons and a user interface that imitates legitimate banking apps. This technique is reminiscent of PC banking Trojans that monitor users’ browsing behaviors and spoofs banking sites.
Referensi yang menginspirasi aku kali ini TrendLabs 2Q 2013 Security Roundup, Mobile Threats Go Full Throttle.

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