April 1, 2015

Import Blog on Blogger CAUTION

So recently, I've just imported one of my blog which is hosted on Blogger (exactly same blog a.k.a the blog itself.) And here is the very Bad Crash story.

Bad Car Crash

I simply want to change the post contents from hundreds of posts on my blogger blog. Editing each posts manually is not an option.

What i want to achieve actually can be done by create and embedding a java script function. So it will visually changed to the visitors but not the original content on each post itself. But what if there are so many things need to replaced. Using javascript will be not an option too.

But... I am too lazy to code. So I choose using the Export Blog tools followed by downloading the exported XML file.

To edit the post contents, i simply use a text editor on my computer. It's very simple and comfort to achieve with the Search and Replace function. Short story short, well, done.

So the last step is importing the XML file back to my Blogger blog. But the problem comes here, the actual result of Import Blog tool is not exactly same with my expected result. It just drive me crazy. Huh.

Known feature which is actually a BUG (imo)
All of your Imported Posts Permalink will be replaced with a new one (auto generated permalink.)

What it does means?
All of your internal link to another posts (linked in imported posts content) will be broken. In another words, you will see sooooo many 404 not found page.

Clear example:

Let say you have two posts titled with: (a) "Import Blogspot to Wordpress," and (2) "Import Wordpress to Blogspot." On each posts you have internal link to each other. For example, current post permalink of (a) is http://example.com/2015/04/import-blogspot-to-wordpress.html and for (b) is http://example.com/2015/04/import-wordpress-to-blogspot.html

After using Import Blog tool, you'll notice that the permalink of posts (a) and (b) will be changed into brand new auto generated permalink. Example, new (a) post permalink is http://example.com/2015/04/import-blogspot-to-wordpress_21.html and new (b) post permalink is http://example.com/2015/04/import-wordpress-to-blogspot_23.html. Happy? Silly tools, yes?. Deleting all posts and re-import blog will not fix the problems.

That's all the story. Nah, just be careful to use the Import Blog on Blogger. Verify your expected result on your playground blogs first. You have been warned.

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