November 3, 2013

Google Search Engine Results Has NEW Look!

Google Search Engine Results Has NEW Look!

Since this morning i notice that Google Search Results has NEW look! Have a look small differences on these pictures. Google Search Results title fonts are getting bigger and bolder. The new font titles also not using underline style anymore. Changes on visual look also affected contextual ads around the search results.

google search engine results has new look
Did you notice minor make-up on this Google Search Engine Results? Bigger image.

On this so called new make-up of Google Search, i also found result for Android App from playstore. This little update are released on the last month already. But the new font style for the Google Search Results are completely new. For sure, this small changes on Google Search Results currently are in the limited trial phase before some changes and features completely rolled out globally.

google search results has new look
Current (Normal, Actual) Google Search Engine Results. Bigger image.

For comparison purpose, here is the current, actual version of Google Search Engine Results. To take this screenshot, i have to use different Google domain. Nah here the results of same query on (Google Bahasa Indonesia). I also noticed that this change not yet affected Google Singapore.

Got the new look on Google Search Results? Please let me know by leaving a comment :-)

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