November 29, 2013

Python eats man is a Hoax Video

Python eats man is a Hoax Video

Recent video titled Python eats drunk man alive in India is a Hoax Video, absolutely. Why the python eats man is a hoax video? Giant snake picture on those video have been posted many times around the net. Hoax slayer has an entry for those image. See picture below:

python eats man, snake eats woman
Original picture shown on "Python eats drunk man alive in India" video.
Ref: Hoax Slayer

But then, you can believe this one exists, a man eats snake alive. This picture is a screenshot from a disgusting video, so that I don't recommend you to watch.

man eats snake
Real picture: Man eats snake alive.
Ref: Do you really want to watch a disgusting video?

TIPS: Don't believe everything you see or read on the Internet. Before spreading on social media, please find some good references every single time you get a bubble news.

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